Best Noise Reducing Blinds for Windows
If you live in noisy neighborhood or bustling city, you’re no stranger to sleepless, noisy nights. But soundproofing your rooms doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be as easy as changing your blinds or window shades. While blinds won’t completely soundproof a room, they can reduce outside noise by up to 50%. Look for styles that are insulated with have multiple layers of fabric and consider combining window treatments for even more sound reduction.

Roman Blinds
Roman blinds have a fold-up design that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. If noise-reduction is your goal, you can choose Roman blinds that are cut from thicker fabric to muffle outside sounds. Some Roman blinds also come with a blackout shade for privacy, which provides an extra noise-absorbing layer.

Honeycomb Shades
Named for their honeycomb pattern, honeycomb shades are made of two layers of paper or fabric folded into a honeycomb shape. The hexagonal cells of honeycomb shades provide better protection against noise than Roman blinds and are your most cost-effective option for noise-reducing blinds. Look for insulated honeycomb shades for maximum noise-reduction.
Combining Window Treatments
If your rooms aren’t quiet enough with blinds alone, try adding curtains. Much like with blinds, look for curtains made of thicker fabric to muffle outside noise. The thicker the curtains, the more outside noise they’ll absorb. Pair your curtains with honeycomb blinds for maximum sound reduction.

Blinds can be a great option for noise reduction and can also block light and heat. While they don’t block out all noise, you can combine your blinds with curtains to block out more sound for an easy—and budget-friendly—way to a good night’s sleep.

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